2018 Categories

Brand Guidelines / Style Guide
Logo Design
Corporate Identity/Stationery Package (Three or more)

Focus Groups / Consumer Research (Qualitative)
Customer Surveys (Quantitative)

Sales/Data Sheet
Sales Literature – Multiple Pieces
PR Campaign – Single Market
PR Campaign – Multiple Markets
PR Campaign – Non-profit, charity, cause
Internal Relations/Communications Program
Internal Relations/Communications Program (Non-profit)
Annual Report (Public company)
Annual Report (Non-profit)
Feature Story
Technical Article
Social Responsibility Campaign/Program
Crisis Communications – single event
Media Kit

Event promotion – single event
Event promotion – 2 or more events
Event promotion non-profit – single event
Event promotion non-profit – 2 or more events

Direct Mail: Two-Dimensional Mail (Single item)
Direct Mail: Two-Dimensional Campaign (Two or more pieces)
Direct Mail: Three-Dimensional
Product or Service Brochure (Single)
Product or Service Brochure (Two or more)
Product or Service Catalog
Company or Organization Brochure

Point-Of-Purchase Display
Product Packaging
Promotional Product: Single
Promotional Product: Campaign (Three or more)

Tradeshow Booth: Small (100 sq.ft. or smaller)
Tradeshow Booth: Medium (101 to 500 sq.ft.)
Tradeshow Booth: Large (500 sq.ft. or larger)
Non-tradeshow Promotional Booth
Tradeshow Campaign (Three or more events)
Tradeshow Giveaway
Fixed Installation (Lobby or public area)

Paid Display, Standard
Paid Display, Rich Media
Paid Social Media
Newspaper Single
Newspaper Campaign (Two or more)
Outdoor Single
Outdoor Campaign (Two or more)
Magazine Single
Magazine Campaign (Two or more)
Radio Single
Radio Campaign (Two or more)
TV Single
TV Campaign (Two or more)
Online Video
Online Commercial

Concept / Design

New Market Segment or Product Launch
Small Budget (Under $25,000)
Medium Budget ($25,000 – $150,000)
Large Budget ($150,001+)

Most Improved
Small Budget ($10,000 or less)
Landing Page: Business-to-Business
Landing Page: Business-to-Consumer
Landing Page: Non-profit

Digital A/B Testing
Google Analytics
Video on External Site (YouTube, Vimeo)
Social Media Campaign: Business-to-Business
Social Media Campaign: Business-to-Consumer
Social Media Campaign: Non-profit
Email Communication: Single
Email Communication: Campaign (Two or more)
Online Marketing (Across two or more unique platforms)
Case Studies / White Papers
Customer Relationship Management or Loyalty Program
Marketing Automation

Video: Marketing
Video: Feature or Documentary
Interactive/Multimedia Marketing Presentation
Mobile App

Maverick Marketing
The best marketers dare themselves to think differently, demonstrate creativity, independence, grit and guts. Maverick marketing prompts a unique response, and the nonconformists behind its creation, are doing something that has never been done before. Regardless of the media leveraged, maverick marketing gets noticed.

Shoestring Marketing ($7,500 or less)
Great things can be done with very little capital. Shoestring marketers stretch whatever budget they may have to create innovative campaigns that achieve great outcomes. We dare you to show how you used your special talents and finesse to make the most of a small budget to achieve amazing results.

Corporate Citizenship
This one is for the do-gooders, the givers, those that believe great marketing should never be limited to budget size and staff constraints. Tell us about the amazing marketing and creative services you donated to a charitable group or social organization’s marketing efforts.

Best Plan B
As marketers, we’re encouraged to take risks, and while sometimes these risks pay off in big ways, there are other times great ideas just don’t pan out. That’s when Plan B comes in. We want to know about your Plan A, why it didn’t work out, and–most important–how your Plan B paid off big.

New Kid on the Block
We know a lot of you are hangin’ tough in the startup world, and this category is for all you companies less than two years old. If you can tell us how you’re handling your marketing step by step, you can take home a Crystal Award. Do you have the right stuff?

Are you ready?